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Our 100-page comprehensive teacher notebook contains 4 monthly lesson plans, monthly benchmarks, across-the-floor progressions, monthly choreography and much more

Each month a new character development theme is introduced through fun and engaging lesson plans, playlists, choreography, activities, and supporting materials.

Our curriculum is video based. From videos of choreography, technique glossaries, teaching tips, and more, we've got you covered!


"Imagine striding into your preschool classes with curriculum, music, activities, and props ready to go - without the need to spend countless hours in preparation. Educators ... Leah Matthews and Lauren Nolan were imagining that dreamy scenario when they launched Studio To Go in Atlanta this fall."

-Dance Studio Life Magazine

“Just wanted to let you know that I love your lesson plans and dances! I am just finishing up this season so I am looking forward to starting fresh... Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to make my life easier!”

Sharon, Dance Studio Owner

“Highly recommend this program to all dance studio owners wanting to grow their preschool program!”

– Claire O’Shea, Business of Dance Podcast
The process

How it works

We’ve broken down our proven method to a “plug-and-chug” delivery system that studio owners can pass off to veteran, and new teachers alike, to ensure success.

It all starts with our Little Swan Dance Teacher Notebook. Inside, you’ll find monthly benchmarks and teaching guidelines, lesson plans, monthly across-the-floor progressions that build on each other throughout the year, formation stations, and more.

Here’s what is included each month:

  • Monthly Character Development Theme
  • Themed Playlist
  • 4 Lesson Plans (2 ballet, 2 ballet/tap combo)
  • 1 Ballet Dance, 1 Tap Dance, and 1 Prop Activity
  • Across-the-floor Progressions
  • Themed Coloring Sheet
  • Themed Parent Newsletter

Here’s what is included for the year:

  • 5 Holiday Class Packs (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day)
  • Teacher Resource Videos
  • Marketing Swipe File
  • And Much More!

Subscribers have access to a video library. The additional Teacher Resource Videos instruct teachers how to teach this age group. Topics such as imagery, discipline, use of formations, regaining attention, and more are covered in these instructional videos.


Our Holiday Class Packs include a themed playlist, lesson plan, dance, activity/game, and coloring sheet.


Our marketing swipe file provides use of branded images and copy to use along with your studio’s marketing to help advertise the program.


Our method of instruction focuses on fun and engaging classes that prepare students for recital readiness through:

  • Warm-ups
  • Technique
  • Across-the-floor
  • Dances/choreography
  • Rhythm activities
  • Formation stations
  • Prop activities
  • Progressions
  • Release activities