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How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It?

There are 2 purchasing options:

  • $1,000 up-front
  • $100 monthly for 12 months

This is for a year-long curriculum. Our year runs the dance season, which means 10 months of dance content. You receive a $200 discount by choosing the up-front method. After the first year, there is a $20 monthly licensing fee to continue using Little Swan Dance materials.

What's Included?

Monthly Character Development Theme
Themed playlist
4 lesson plans each month
1 ballet dance, 1 tap dance, and 1 activity
Across-the-floor progressions
Themed coloring sheet
Themed parent newsletter
5 Holiday Class Packs
Teacher Resource Videos
Marketing Swipe File
And Much More!

How Do I Access Content?

Members receive access to an online portal where all videos and materials are accessible.

How Do I Access the Music?

Little Swan Dance curates the playlists, but we do not own the rights to the music. We provide complete Spotify playlists ready to-go. If you have a Spotify subscription, the work is done for you. Simply click the link and you’re all set!

If you don’t have a Spotify account, we provide a list for you to source your own music on your music platform of choice. We’ve ensured that all of our music is in iTunes for purchase.

Can I Use Your Dances in Recitals and Performances?

Absolutely!* The materials are yours to use. Tag us (#littleswandancecurriculum) so we can cheer you on from afar.

*A little note here: They are yours to use as long as you’re a member and are up-to-date on your licensing.

How Do I Use the Teacher Notebook?

The teacher notebook is where it’s at! It lives as a PDF in the member portal. Simply print it out and distribute to your teachers. Alternatively, we have done the work for you and prettied it up. You can also purchase your hard copy of the teacher notebook in our shop.

The teacher notebook breaks down the choreography (videos in the portal), monthly benchmarks, lesson plans, across-the-floor progressions, and more. It will be your new best friend!

Why Do I Pay for 12 Months?

If you buy the program outright, you do not. As a courtesy, we offer a one-year (12-month) payment plan for members who might not feel comfortable paying up-front.

We give members who pay up-front a $200 discount as a thank you.

What Happens if I Don't Like It?

Cancel! No hard feelings.

We offer a no questions asked 14-day full money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product, simply let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll refund your money. Please note that from that point forward use of our material is prohibited.