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Who We Are

Get To Know Us

Little Swan Dance is a progressive preschool ballet and tap curriculum that features monthly character development themes. We’re not only teaching pliés and tendus, we’re teaching kindness and compassion. The Little Swan Dance Method presents dance in a fun and engaging way that is appropriate for young children. Our curriculum was created with 3-5 year-olds in mind, but is appropriate to use with 2 year-olds, as well as some 6-7 year-olds. Our goal is to provide content that’s flexible for your needs!

Little Swan Dance, formerly known as Concierge To Go, was created by Leah Matthews + Lauren Nolan of Studio To Go. Originally launched in January 2018, the curriculum has since been used in dance studios across the globe.

Our Story

How Little Swan Dance Came to Be

Leah owns our sister company, Studio Go, which teaches over 1,000 preschool/recreational dancers each week throughout the Southeastern United States. Lauren is our Director of Dance + Development. She helped Leah create a curriculum for use in-house. We instantly saw success and the need for a standardized curriculum. Our teachers were prepared, confident and happier. Our students loved the creative approach to dance. Our parents raved about the program. Word spread and we grew into 4 markets over the next two years organically. Finally, our revenue increased by 40%!

The Little Swan Dance Method is tried and true.